Saturday, June 27

boating and napping

A few days ago Noah was sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down next to him, put my head on his shoulder and said, "Noah, I'm so tired!"

He shrugged his shoulder a little and said, "Mom, I'm not a pillow!"

I got up to fix dinner since I clearly wasn't going to get sympathy from him :)


We've been seeing a lot of boats lately. It's getting hot and boating weather seems to be at it's peak. Noah saw a ski boat the other day and asked if we could buy a boat. I told him no because boats cost "lots and lots and lots of money and mommy & daddy don't have lots and lots and lots of money."

He replied, "Can we go to Costco and get lots and lots of money?"

"Um, well, not today"

Friday, June 12

Apple Juice

Dave's out of town for the weekend and the kids and I have had a very challenging day. I have been counting down the minutes until bed time. I turn on Backyardigans and tell Noah to sit on the couch and watch it while I put Natalie to bed. This is our usual routine - he gets to watch one show before bed. Tonight, though, he decided to test "the system"...

I came down from putting Natalie to bed to find him standing on his stool in front of the refrigerator drinking out of the apple juice jug - "because he wanted a drink."

So, needless to say, we didn't wait for Backyardigans to go off before I put him to bed, too.

Saturday, June 6

Noah's special day

Noah and I went to lunch and a movie today - just the two of us. He asked why it was just us and not Natalie. I told him it was because we didn't get much Noah and mom time. He said, "You get a lot of Natalie time."

"Yep. So, today is Noah and mommy time."

"Why do I get mommy time?"

"Because you're special."

"Yes, God made me special."

"That's right. God made you special just for me."

"Just for you?"

"Yes. I told God I wanted a cute little man with blue eyes and blond hair."

"But mom, that hurt."

"What hurt?"

"My eyes hurt."

"Your eyes hurt? Why do they hurt?"

"No, mom. They hurt when you said blue eyes. When they pushed in the blue eyes and poked me in the eyes and my eyes got water in them when they poked them. It hurt."