Monday, August 31

A glimpse into my day

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Sunday, August 30

Cold treat on a cool summer day!

Stacy bought Noah a cold treat from the ice cream man. Noah was so excited to eat Spiderman popsicle...

and it was cold...

but delicious!!!


We went to Dairy Queen after dinner the other night. Noah said he wanted a strawberry milkshake. I was surprised! He's never had a milkshake before much less strawberry ice cream but he said that was what he wanted and he was sure. One drink of the milkshake later and he was done. I asked him why and he said he wanted vanilla. I told him he ordered strawberry so he had to drink it and maybe next time he could have vanilla. His response, "But mom, I don't want my strawberry milkshake because I don't like strawberry smash."

Friday, August 7

Is it a cart or a carriage?

Grama Penny is in town and took the kids to Kroger. She told Noah he could walk with her as long as he stayed with the carriage. He looked at her and said, "Grama - that's not a carriage, it's a cart." Grama Penny said, "Well, that's what we call it in Connecticut."

Later that evening at dinner, she put a paper towel on the table with his plate and said, "Here's your napkin." Noah asked, "Is that what you call it in Connecticut? A napkin?"