Tuesday, January 26

All I want to do is shower

Apparently the kids are at an age where if I want to shower, I either have to shower before Dave leaves for work or after he gets home.

Sunday and Monday morning, when I got out of the shower, I found Natalie in the office, messing with the computer - bad!!

This morning when I turned the water off in the shower I heard the noise of a chair being pushed across the kitchen floor. I released a heavy sigh, dried off slowly knowing that the next few minutes would be rough for everyone and then yelled downstairs, "What are you guys doing?" To which Noah and Natalie responded with silence. So, I yelled again, "I said - what are you guys doing?!"
Noah comes around the corner, stands at the bottom of the stairs and says, "We're playing in the cabinets."

That makes no sense to me - all the cabinets they are allowed to play in don't require a chair so I ask, "Which cabinets?"

He looks at me with no response. I think he was hoping I would forget that I asked that question in the 3 seconds I gave him to respond. Since there was no response, I asked again, "Which cabinets?!"

He replied, "The one with the marshmallows in it."

"WHAT?!?! You used the chair to climb on the counter to get in the top cabinet where the marshmallows are?!?!?!"

"Yes." (Because apparently, based on how he responded, that's a perfectly normal thing to do.)

Needless to say, they were both in big trouble. Natalie had marshmallow goop hanging from her chin and her hand closed tight around something. I told them both to come upstairs. Natalie, it seems, didn't want just a marshmallow but apparently a cracker, too. I mean, really, if you're going to go through the hassle of moving a chair to climb the counter to get in the top cabinet and be in trouble, why settle for just a marshmallow?

I cleaned her up, washed the cracker crumbs out of her hands and sent them both to their respective beds.

If they hadn't told me which cabinet, I would've figured it out... To their disadvantage, they don't know how to close a ziploc bag. When I opened the cabinet to get the peanut butter for sandwiches, I was showered with opened baggies of marshmallows and cracker crumbs.

So much for my clean shower that caused this mess to begin with - ugh!!!

Tuesday, January 19

2 going on 12

Natalie has been a little mouthy today. She's been talking back and has a bad attitude in general. About 430 I told her she needed to change her attitude. She said she was going to her room to play. I went to check on her about 20 minutes later and she was out cold on her bed. I tried to wake her but she grabbed her thumb and rolled over. She must be so tired! Maybe after a "to late in the day" nap, she'll have a better attitude and we'll have a better evening.

Monday, January 18

Back to the hospital

Waiting in the drop-off line at school:

"Mom, when will I be little again so we can go back to the hospital so I can be born?"

"You won't be little like that again. You're already born and once you're born, that's it."

"But I want to be little so we can go to the hospital so I can be born."

He points the two boys getting out of the car in front of us and says, "Like them. They're twins."

Monday, January 11

That's my baby

Natalie's getting mad because she wants to hold the baby. I hand her the baby doll and she says, "Not that one." I hand her another one and receive the same response. We get through all 5 baby dolls and each time she gets more and more frustrated.

I tell her that's all there is and she says, "That one" and points to the TV.

She's mad because she wants to hold Olivia's baby doll. "The one in the TV".

Tuesday, January 5

You drive me crazy!

We were driving home from dropping Noah off at school and Natalie said she wanted some chicken nuggets. I told her she could have some when we got home. She asked if she could have mustard. I said yes. She asked again, "With mustard, mommy?"

"Yes, Natalie."

"With mustard, mommy?"

A little aggravation in my tone since it's the same question - "Yes, Natalie"

"You drive me crazy, mommy!"

"I drive you crazy. You drive me crazy asking the same question 3 times in a row."

To which she responded in her sing-song voice, "Noooo!"