Thursday, May 22

My hair

Noah and I ran down to Kroger (about 1 mile from the house) on Saturday afternoon to get a few things I forgot to get for Natalie's birthday party. He likes to have the windows down so I rolled down his window (behind the driver seat) and the front passenger side window as we were driving through the subdivision. As I turn onto the main road and start accelerating, he asks me if I feel the wind. I told him I did and asked if he felt the wind. He said he felt the wind and just as we are closing in on the entrance to Kroger, he asks me to roll the window up. I tell him it's nice out and we should keep the window down. He then tells me why to roll the window up...

"The wind. It's messing my hair."

Oh my gosh... really!!! I rolled the window up as we pulled into the parking lot and kept them up on the way home.

Natalie had fun at her party. She's showing you, "see":

Monday, May 19


Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints of snow.
I am the sunlight in ripen grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I did not die.

We'll miss you, Grama Sunshine!!!

Thursday, May 15

Identifying Art

The lovely art mural that Noah painted for us on the bathroom wall about a year ago now has been identified:

As Noah was getting dried off after his bath this morning, he pointed to the wall and said, "I did that."

ME:"Yes, you did. Did you get in trouble?"

NOAH: "Yes. That's naughty. Mommy and daddy only." (he's referring to "mommy and daddy" are the only ones allowed to paint the wall.)

ME: "That's right. Mommy and daddy only."

NOAH: "It's a giraffe."

ME: "It is? It's a giraffe?"

NOAH: "Yes. I did that giraffe on that wall."

Okay then - we have a lovely giraffe mural on our bathroom wall.

Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

So - Because I'm not as smart as I once was (reference: Nanny and Hearing Aid post), I didn't know that today is Mother's Day until 3 days ago. I have a calendar. It's a calendar I make for my family every year. I even make sure to put the various holidays on the calendar so we don't forget. For some reason, my brain kept telling me it was next weekend. My calendar says it's today - my brain says next weekend. Yes, 3 days is enough time to get a Mother's Day card in the mail but as soon as the thought of Mother's Day entered my brain, it left again. I realized over dinner this evening that I didn't get a card for my mom or either of my mother-in-laws. So, please consider this my card - "Happy Mother's Day - Your great and I'm so glad you are a part of my life. You each have your own special "mom" spot in my heart and I'm grateful that I can call you family." I know it's not a teary, sappy Hallmark card but it's forever marked in the internet world of blogging for all to see and I wanted to at least say "I'm thinking of you".


Finally... 7 days before her first birthday and she says her first word. I was able to get it on video today. (there is a video posted below but it may not work depending on your browser)

Monday, May 5

A Nanny and a Hearing Aid

Dave and I are leaving for Vegas in 3 weeks. I want a good base tan so I don't burn in the 100 degree sun at 10am. I got a tanning package to the local tanning salon and I went to use my first session on Saturday. It's been 2 years since I've had any kind of a tan and probably 5 years since I've been to a tanning bed.

When I'm finished with my session, I look around the room to be sure I have everything and notice, on middle the bed that I just finished tanning in is a plastic card about 3 1/2 x 3/12 that says "This bed is sanitized." Oooo - sanitized and the tan line on my back to prove it... :)

I come home and tell Dave of my misfortune. He laughs! He's been working on replacing the bathroom all day. The kids are laying down and he's working in the garage.

He goes to the basement to get the door frame to carry to the garage. He come to the top of the basement stairs, walks to the garage door and says, "Hey, can you get that door?"

Sure, I can't wait to see the door finished so I'll help anyway I can. I closed the basement door. Dave looks at me like I've lost my mind - "No, get the garage door!" Oh yeah - sorry 'bout it... :) I open the door and as he's walking out, he says, "I'm getting you a nanny. Not for the kids but for you." ha ha ha

Later Saturday night, we had Ben and Stephanie over. We were outside by the firepit and we saw a car drive by and stop in front of the neighbors. I was sitting down and Dave was standing beside me. He saw someone get out of the car and I heard him say, "Oh, banana."

I said, "Did you just say banana?"


"It sounded like you said, 'Oh banana!'"

"No, I said, 'Pizza guy'. I'm buying you a hearing aid."

A little while later, we were talking about the beer bottle I had put in the fire and the way it was melting. I told everyone it was my art. I heard Ben say, "You're so obnoxious." Again - after some clarification, Dave said, "I'm buying you a hearing aid. A hearing aid and a nanny for Mother's Day."

Can't wait.... :)