Friday, October 5

Girls don't sweat!

Noah and Natalie are trading off all week on who will stay home sick from school.  Natalie started it off with a cough on Tuesday.  Not to be outdone, Noah had a 102 fever on Wednesday.  One must outdo the other so Natalie's cough got worse on Thursday but Noah gave up the competition and went to school.  Apparently he decided he wasn't really done after all and his temp spiked to nearly 103 on Thursday evening.  Natalie seems to be giving up the race and went to school today.   

I kept Noah home as a precaution but since his fever is gone and he seems to be bouncing back, I decided a little retail therapy would be good for me after the week I've had.  So, he and I were off to The Limited after Natalie got on the bus.

After about 30 minutes of trying on clothes, I said, "Whew! I'm working up a sweat!  It's hot in here!"

Noah was so absorbed in the game he was playing on my phone that I didn't think he was listening.  I was really talking more to myself, anyway, until he laughed and said, "Why are you sweating? Are you a man?"

Laughing, I said, "What?!  What are you talking about?"

"You said you were sweating.  Girls don't sweat! Guys do! Unless a girl is running and you're not running! You're shopping!"

"Well, it's pretty close to the same thing!"

He laughed and it seemed that he decided I didn't really know what I was talking about.