Tuesday, September 30

Two things

Noah's been sick with asthma the last few days. He's on over-the-counter cough meds every 4 hours - religiously - so he can be sure to make it to school for picture day. I went into his room the other night to wake him and give him his next 4 hour dose.

"Noah. You have to take your medicine."

He rolls over and mumbles "Erica"

I smile to myself. He's dreaming about Erica - the love of his life.

"Noah. Take your medicine."

He takes it and falls back to sleep.

In the morning, I asked him what he had dreamed about.

He said, "Grama Texas and Jr."

"Really. Did you dream about Grama Texas or did you dream about Erica?"

His eyes light up and he says, "ERICA! We played catch with the pink tennis ball and the blue round thing on our hands where the ball kept getting stuck." (catch with velcro paddles) All the while, he's doing the motions and showing me exactly how he played catch with Erica.


Dave took Noah down the street on the motorcycle on Sunday morning. Noah just loved it and has been asking me non-stop since if he can get on "daddy's motorcycle." I tell him, "It's daddy's motorcycle and daddy's at work."

This morning, when we got home from school, he asked if he could ride the motorcycle and the conversation went as usual until he said, "You take me."

(I open his door to get him out of his car seat but he won't take his arms out of his seatbelt until he's done talking so he's doing all the motions from his carseat.)

"Noah, I don't know how. It's daddy's. You'll have to wait and ask daddy when he gets home."

"No. You do it. Like this: get on and put your hands like this (shows me how to spread my arms apart to grab the handles) and go VROOM-VROOM like this (shows me how to steer the motorcycle by turning his arms) and then we go around the circle."

"Oh. Is that how? Well, it's daddy's motorcycle so mommy isn't allowed." :)

It seemed to work because he got out of his carseat and went in the house - whining the whole way in about how I should do it so he doesn't have to wait for daddy.

Wednesday, September 24

So smart it's aggrivating sometimes

Noah has a problem lately with seeing just how much food he can put in this mouth. There have been several times in the past few weeks where I find him gagging at the table because he has so much in his mouth that it is spewing out between his lips and his eyes are watery. He's not choking - he just can't chew it and there's so much that he gags.

I have told him - more than once - "Don't put too much in your mouth. You'll choke and have to ride in an ambulance."

Noah and Natalie have taken to having raisins as an afternoon snack lately. Raisins are apparently an extra tempting snack to shove in your mouth all at one time. Every time I put a handful of raisins on the table in front of him I say, "No more than 2 raisins in your mouth at one time. How many raisins in your mouth?"
"That's right. Two. If you put too many in your mouth, I'm going to have to feed you like a baby."
So today he responds: "Like when I was a baby and you cut the raisins in half so I wouldn't choke on them."

WHAT!!!! Are you kidding!?!?!?!?! I haven't done that since he was like 12 months old. How does he remember this stuff!?!?!?!

Monday, September 15

Hurricane Ike Hits Ohio!

Large tree down...

...over the neighbors fence...

...the house has been for sale for over a year.

One medium tree snapped in half

Second medium tree snapped in half

Small "twig" tree down and you can see tree trunk in background from previous photo

Large branch

Small branches in the yard