Saturday, December 26

What do you want to drink?

Stacy and I took Noah and Bella to Reds Fest downtown a few weeks ago. We decided to take advantage of the "free kids meal" coupon we got so we stopped at Bob Evans for dinner. The waitress asked what Noah wanted to drink. He looked at me and I asked him "Do you want milk?" He replied (in all his "Noah glory"), "I would love nothing more!"

Okay, milk it is!

Coming to visit...

"Grampa, will you come to my house tomorrow?"

"I think you'll still be at my house tomorrow."

"Will you come to my house next time we go home?"

"Your house is a long airplane ride away."

"Yes - it is indeed!"

Tuesday, December 15

Other moms are cooler than me

Noah's first school program is Thursday. It's a Christmas program and I've kind of figured out which songs they will be singing because Noah will break out in a random Christmas song at any random moment. He'll sing a few words with motions and then go back to whatever he was doing before the singing moment struck.

I asked Noah what he did at school today. He said he practiced for his show. I asked him about his show and he said, "I can't tell you. It's a surprise."

"Well, can I see your show?"

"No, other moms will be there to see the show. You can't come."

Well, then... okay!

At dinner I told him to tell Dave what he did at school today. He told him that Dave that he practiced for his show. Dave asked if he could come see Noah's show. Noah said, "Sure!! You can come if you want to."

Well, then... okay!

Coffee drinker in training

We got a junk magazine in the mail a few days ago. Natalie asked if she could look at it. It's junk mail so of course if she trashes it, it's okay so I said yes.

A few minutes later she's yells "LOOK MOM!!!! Starbucks!!!"

I was so proud :)