Sunday, November 24


Noah: Mom, how do babies get in your belly?

Me: {oh crap...think fast!!}  That's the way God made it.  {Please let that be good enough!!}

Noah:  So, Natalie has a baby in her belly, too?

Me: {oh crap...think fast!!}  No, Natalie's not married.  {Please let that be good enough!!}

Noah: But how do the babies come out?

Me: {oh crap.... really? we're doing this?!?} The doctors get the babies out.

Noah:  But how?

Me: {REALLY!?! Seriously make it stop!}  Not sure.  I'm not a doctor.

Noah: {either realizing he's not getting the answer he's looking for and is giving up or he's really okay with the answers I've given (I suspect the former)} Oh