Thursday, May 22

My hair

Noah and I ran down to Kroger (about 1 mile from the house) on Saturday afternoon to get a few things I forgot to get for Natalie's birthday party. He likes to have the windows down so I rolled down his window (behind the driver seat) and the front passenger side window as we were driving through the subdivision. As I turn onto the main road and start accelerating, he asks me if I feel the wind. I told him I did and asked if he felt the wind. He said he felt the wind and just as we are closing in on the entrance to Kroger, he asks me to roll the window up. I tell him it's nice out and we should keep the window down. He then tells me why to roll the window up...

"The wind. It's messing my hair."

Oh my gosh... really!!! I rolled the window up as we pulled into the parking lot and kept them up on the way home.

Natalie had fun at her party. She's showing you, "see":