Thursday, June 12

"Your dog just ran away"

Now that we are home and back into our routine - somewhat - I've started working out again.

Noah is out of diapers at the house, so after the Y, we have to stop by Costco to buy more.

After working out and sweating like crazy, I'm starving. (don't worry - i showered at the Y so i won't stink everybody at out at costco :) ) I decide to stop at Wendy's. I worked out today so I've already worked off any fat I'll collect from their burgers and fries - I'm even today :)

While waiting in line at the drive thru, I look out my window and see a dog squeeze it's way out of the back seat window of a car next door at Sears Hardware. I can't really blame him - it's 92 today and HUMID!!! I'm surprised at what I see and since it's not in the Wendy's parking lot but Sear's Hardware next door, what do I do??

I have the kids with me so I can't just hop out and chase after it. I'm next in line at the drive thru and I don't want to give up my turn. Now what? I decide to call Sears and tell them what I've seen thinking they will page the owner of a black dog. I search information for the store phone number but information doesn't have the store listed. I get the number for another store in the area thinking I'll call them to ask for the number I need for the store I am next door to. I order my food first - I can't work on an empty stomach :)

Poor Noah just wants "a plain cheeseburger" and I keep telling him to wait. There's too much happening and I'm losing all concentration... get a phone number - "wait, Noah" - order my food and a "plain cheeseburger" - "wait, Noah" - ask one phone number for the correct number - "wait, Noah" - pay for the food - " wait, Noah" - pick up the food and be sure we have everything we ordered - "I know, Noah. Please wait." - call the correct phone number...

"Hi, I'm sitting in the drive thru at Wendy's and I just saw a dog jump out of one of the cars in your parking lot. You should page the owner of a black dog. If I was the dog's owner, I'd want to know."

"Yes. Of course. Thanks"

I give Noah his "plain cheeseburger" and drive over to the store to see if I can find the dog. I just keep thinking of mom and Junior in TX. What would she do if she walked out of the store to find JR gone? How terrible would that be? Where is this dog? Where is the owner? If Sears paged the owner and the owner didn't come running out in a mad frenzy, maybe it's not like mom and JR after all.

I see an employee come out of the store and stand there looking around. I roll down my window and ask if they are looking for the dog. She tells me that someone just called about a dog. She's acting like it was a prank call. That poor dog owner has no idea. No wonder they didn't come running in a mad frenzy. I'd be so mad if that happened, someone saw it and reported it and no one told me.

A few seconds later a large man comes mozying out of the store and walks to the car like it's no no big deal that the dog is gone. He seems confused that his dog is not in the car. I can't believe the people at Sears didn't page this man like I asked!! I get out and tell him that I was in line at Wendy's and saw the dog squeeze out of the window and run towards the back of the store. He proceeds to question me on how a dog could squeeze out of the car window. By now, there are two other cars involved. One has gone towards the back of the store on the left and the other on the right. The owner is talking to me like I'm crazy and there 's all these other people telling him that his dog has just run towards the back of the store.

Between you and I - with as far down as the window was, I can't believe the owner is shocked that the dog got out.

As I drove away, with Noah still talking about his "plain cheeseburger", I saw the owner in my rear view mirror walking through the parking lot with his dog, Lulabell.

A man that size with a dog named "Lulabell" - something just ain't right :)