Wednesday, August 27

Oh, Noah...

Noah - "Where we going"

Me - "We're gonna go home because it's time for Natalie to go night-night."

Noah - "I wanna watch something."

Me - "I think it's time for you to go night-night, too."

Noah - "No. I wanna watch something."

Me - "No. You're gonna go night-night."

Noah - "No. I'll watch something and then go night-night."

Me - "No. You go night-night and when you wake up, you can watch something"

Noah - "That's not a deal."

Me - "We'll see."

A few days ago we were driving past a church and Noah asked if it was a castle. I told him it was a church. He said, "That church has a BIG hat."

I asked, "A big hat?"

"Yes. A BIG hat. Look, there's a church, too."

"That's right. There's another church."

"That church has a small hat."

"A small hat?"

"Yes. A small white hat."

And then I realize the "white hat" is the steeple. How funny!!