Tuesday, July 28

Destructive Week

Last Sunday we went to dinner with friends. Natalie was in the high chair and started to get a little fussy. I stood to pick her up to put her in my lap and when I sat down my chair wasn't there. I didn't realize this until I landed on the ground on my rear. Needless to say, I was so embarassed and my tail bone hurt. The manager came out to see if I was okay and asked me to fill out a form indicating what happened in case I needed medical attention, they could take care of it. I told her that I didn't know what happened - I stood up to get Natalie and when I sat down, my chair was gone. She asked, "Was your purse on the back of your chair?" I said yes and she said, "It happens all the time. These chairs are so light that if you put your purse on the chair or even a coat, the chair tips over when you stand."

Okay - if it happens all the time, maybe your wait staff or hostess should let people know. Anyway, it's been a little more than a week and I"m feeling better. It took a few extra days to get over it. I was laying on the couch watching TV with Noah and he decided to do a somersault and landed on my rear - um, ouch!!!

On Friday, I decided to help Dave cross some things off our "list of things to do" - move the chair from Noah's room back into the guest room. I pushed and pulled and really worked hard to get the chair into the guest room. I was so proud of myself - that chair is huge and heavy! The chair had to be pushed arm over arm into the room. When I finally got it through the door, I pushed it over to have it land on it's feet and I didn't realize how close it was to the wall. Yep - one of the feet went into the wall. I was able to cross "move chair" off the list but I had to add "fix wall".

On Saturday I got up with the kids so Dave could sleep in. It rained so Natalie woke at 615 instead of 8 so she was in a *great* mood. I was sitting at the computer reading the paper and drinking coffee and Natalie wanted to sit on my lap. She can get loud when she really wants something and since Dave was sleeping, I picked her up. She decided to push button on the keyboard. I went to block her hand and she & I ended up knocking my coffee over - all over the desk and the computer keyboard. It drenched my phone but missed the digital camera. I was cleaning up and praying to God that nothing was permanently damaged when Dave came downstairs and asked what happened. I had myself surprisingly together until he asked and then I lost it. I kept breathing trying so hard to not cry - you know the saying "don't cry over spilled milk" or coffee in this instant. I get it together and explain what happened. The keyboard is not usable but we had a back up.

I told Dave, "If the kids aren't getting hurt, the house is getting damaged."

What is wrong with me?! I am in serious "mom brain" mode.

Yesterday I was walking into the kitchen and dropped the nail polish I had just used to paint my toe nails. It shattered all over the hardwood floor. In between cursing quietly because the kids were sleeping, I was praying to God that the floor is not permanently damaged. I wiped it up and the mess just kept getting worse. It's very hard to wipe up a puddle of nail polish. It's messy and sticky and dries quickly. I scrubbed and scrubbed, cursed and prayed, and eventually, I was able to get it all up. The only damage is the lingering smell of nail polish if you inhale deeply. The floors look great though and I think the smell will fade. It's definitely gotten better in the last 24 hours.

Tomorrow is another day - as Dave says when he leaves for work "no injuries to anyone today" and I'll be adding "and no damage to the house".