Wednesday, February 2

My heart just stopped!!!

Noah gets out of school at 310. At 257 my phone rings...


"Hi, this is ..... from ........ elementary school." ((very long pause like her name was enough to tell me what she wanted. I've never heard the name before so there's an even longer pause))

Her: "Is Noah out sick today?"

Me: "No - I put Noah on the bus at 1230!"

Her: "Well, he's not here." ((her tone implies that it's perfectly normal to put a kindergarten-er on the bus but never show up at school - my tone becomes panic because it's NOT normal!!))

Me: "Well, I put him on the bus 2 1/2 hours ago. He should be at school."

Her tone becomes annoyed - with a heavy sigh she says: "Hold on!"

I wait - my heart has dropped to my stomach and stopped....

Her: "Never mind. It was the child below him on the roster." (her tone is as if this happens everyday - as if it's perfectly normal to "lose" a child)

Oh - okay - well thanks for the reassurance!!!!