Tuesday, November 1

So proud - or not....

Noah got hurt on Saturday while playing on his scooter. On the way to church on Sunday, he said, "Mom, you want to know why I didn't get hurt worse yesterday when I fell on my scooter?"


"God took care of me so I only got hurt a little bit instead of a lot hurt."

"That's right. God always takes care of us!"

I was so proud - I must be doing something right!!

"I know. A long a time ago at church we talked about how God makes us better when we get sick or hurt. The teachers asked us to tell a story about a time that God made us better or someone in our family better when we were sick."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, I told them that when I first born out of your belly, I was really sick and almost died but God made me better and I wasn't sick anymore."

"NOAH!! Why would you tell them that? That's not true!! You weren't sick when you were born!!"

"It's okay, mom. I just made it up!"

So much for my proud moment!!