Thursday, March 22

Conversations with Natalie

The kids need summer clothes so while driving down the highway on the way to the mall last night, Natalie randomly says, "I want hair in my nose!"

Me: What?

Natalie: I want hair in my nose. I want dad to give me hair for my nose.

My mind scans back to a conversation with Noah 3 days ago when he asked where boogers some from and I assume this is where her line of random questioning comes from... (wrong!!)

Me: Hair in your nose? Why?

Natalie: Yes - hair in my nose. Like here (and put her finger just inside her nostril). I want dad to give me hair for my nose.

Me: Okay? But why?

Natalie: Because Grampa Dirt has hair in his nose and I want hair in my nose like grampa's. I wonder if dad will give me hair in my nose. I'm going to ask him when he calls if he'll bring me some hair for my nose.

Me: Um - sure.... you can ask him (what else was I supposed to say?!)