Sunday, December 16

Water, anyone?

As I was painting the trim in the downstairs bathroom tonight, for some reason, this incident popped in my mind. I smiled to myself so glad I remembered.

A few months ago I was giving Natalie a bath. Noah wanted to help so I gave him a cup to fill with water and pour back into the tub. He decided he wanted to drink the water instead. He's telling me that he's drinking water. I ask him if it's good to which he replies "yes". When the bath is done, I turn the water off and pull Natalie out of the tub. Noah wants more water. I tell him to wait until I finish drying off Natalie and I'll turn the water back on. He says, "Noah do it." I say, "No, wait for mommy." He runs towards the faucet. I turn to stop him only to see him pass the faucet and head for the toilet. Apparently he wasn't drinking from the faucet of water for Natalie's bath, he was getting water from the toilet. Luckily the water was clean!! He didn't know not to drink toilet water because when he told me he was drinking water, I didn't make a big deal out of it and I even asked if it was good. I never thought to differentiate between drinkable water and non-drinkable water. I guess Noah and I are both learning as we go. :) Noah and Natalie take bathes together now or Natalie gets a bath when Noah is sleeping or Dave's home. Just one more thing I'm learning as I go! :)