Thursday, February 28

The kids are growing

Natalie had her 9 month check up on Monday. She weighs 20 lbs and is 28 inches long. Her 8th tooth has finally poked through. She has been teething that tooth for too long. She's been rolling pretty well for a few weeks but she has started crawling commando style on Monday and is moving pretty quick. She pulls herself up onto all 4s but hasn't quite figured out moving that way. She isn't pulling herself into a sitting position, yet. She's been so close a few times that I hold my breath and watch, so excited, and then she'll fall and keep moving on. Oh well - It'll come in time. I was putting her in her blue rocker to contain her when I shower but since she's more mobile, now, it's harder to contain her in the seat. I'm afraid I'll get out of the shower and she'll look like Noah did when he outgrew the seat.

I weighed Noah when we were at the doctor. He weighs 35lbs. I didn't check his height. I just needed a weight check. He's close the limit on his car seat and we'll have to rotate car seats for him, again.

He is no longer interested in watching a movie in the morning so I can get an extra 45-60 minutes of sleep. We realized this a week ago when Dave came upstairs to shower and found that Noah had gotten into my nail polish. I must say though - he did a very good job of painting his finger nails on his left hand. He only painted his the nail and surrounding skin. I was surprised... For being 2, he stayed in the "lines" pretty well. The problem was that when he finished his nails, he decided to unzip his pajamas and paint his chest. His poor sensitive skin did not take to the nail polish remover very well but I had to get the polish off. The polish he picked is blood red. I use it on my toes in the summer so leaving it on until it wears off was definitely not an option for him. I was surprised he got the lid off. I usually tighten it too tight for myself and end up using my teeth to open the bottle the next time I want to use the polish. When he was finished painting, he put the lid back on the put it back in the drawer where he found it. If I hadn't asked him where he put it, I would have never thought to look in the drawer and never would have suspected he'd get the lid on and tight but he did. Other than having it all over himself, you'd never know he got into it. He was very clean about it.

He came into our room at some point Tuesday night. I pulled into bed with me and fell asleep. I was awakened at 715 with him leaning over me, inches from my face, whispering, "Mom. Mom. Mom... I got dressed." I opened my eyes and smiled. He had gotten into the basket in our room that has all the clothes that are too small for the kids. He was wearing a size 3-6 month cotton pants that no longer fit Natalie and a long sleeve 2T green dinosaur shirt that no longer fits him. It looked like he was wearing shorts and choking himself with the shirt. He's wearing 3T pants and 4T shirts, now. He was so proud of himself for doing it all by himself. I'm just glad he didn't try to change his own diaper. :) It confirms that a movie is no longer an option and he's learned to be so quiet when he moves around our room that sometimes I don't even know he's up.

He's doing great at swim lessons. Week 4 will be Monday. I took him for week 1 because Dave and Natalie were still sick (reference post: The Funk) and he jumped off the edge into the water without any problems. Week 2 and 3, Dave took him while I worked out. Noah wouldn't jump off the edge unless Dave held him hand. Since I finish working out before his lesson is over, I stopped into watch the last few minutes. When I saw he still wouldn't jump without holding Dave's hand, I said, "Noah, jump like Adam." He didn't want to hold Dave's hand after that and jumped right in. He would swim back to the edge and climb out saying, "Again. Like Adam." It didn't matter that the swim lesson had moved onto other stuff, he was jumping like Adam - no hands! :) Now, if I could just get that to work with potty training but no such luck. He wants to wear underwear like Adam but doesn't want to go on the pot like Adam. He's still flat out refusing to try. When I ask him to go on the pot, he says, "No. I need a diaper." Well, okay then, a diaper it is.

I may have mentioned it in a previous posting but in case I forgot - Noah will be starting 3 yr old preschool in the fall at one of the local churches. He will go Tue and Thurs from 9-1130. I'm so excited!!! He loves school and that's all he talks about since going with Stacy to pick Bella up from school one day a few months ago. He is always talking about riding the school bus. We're not there yet and won't be for a few years!! I'm excited now but I know that I will be an absolute wreck his first day. I just hope I can contain my tears so that I don't worry or scare him about it when I drop him off.

Now, if Natalie will just grow a little faster, we'll be set. I don't like the baby stage - give me a toddler and I'm happy :)