Saturday, July 26


We arrived in Connecticut at 230 Friday morning. Penny got up to greet us when she heard the kids. Noah stood in the hallway, trying to hide behind my leg so he wouldn't have to say hi. It was a little weird but we had been in the car for 12 hours, it's 2:30 in the morning, there aren't a lot of lights on - maybe it's all to much at 2:30am.

We get ourselves settled: Dave and Noah in one room; me and Natalie in the other room.

I hear Noah running laps bright and early in the morning. I'm so thankful that Penny can take care of it. Dave and I are exhausted from the long drive.

A little later, when Dave and I are up, I learn about how Noah's morning started:

When Noah woke up, he climbed in bed with Dave. Dave opened his eyes to see Noah sucking his thumb, clutching dog, lip quivering and "big alligator tears rolling down his face." Dave asked him what was wrong. Noah replies with a shaky voice, "Grama Penny has to put her eyebrows on!!" He then heard her in the kitchen making coffee, looked at Dave as if nothing was wrong and said, "I go see Grama Penny. You go night-night!" He took off out of the bedroom and rounded the corner into the kitchen. Tears starting up again and voice quivering he looks at Penny and says, "Grama Penny, you have to put your eyebrows on!" They talked through it and all was well.

Now we know why he was trying to hide behind my leg when we arrived at 2:30 - Grama Penny didn't have her makeup on.