Saturday, July 26

Mom Brain

My new morning routine, since we got back from California, is to run to Starbucks in the morning, all by myself, before Dave leaves for work. I get a few minutes to wake up and a few sips of coffee before the kids start my day.

I work out 3 days a week and this particular Friday was no exception. I have severe "mom brain" today. It's so bad that I got lost getting out of the Kroger parking lot (the Starbucks is in Kroger). It's 730am and there's probably only 7 cars in the parking lot, all of which, I'm sure are Kroger employees and I can't find my way to one of three exits. I finally make it out of the parking lot, make it home, feed the kids breakfast, load up and head to the Y. I haven't finished my Starbucks yet but I have a few stops on the way so I take it with me.

I load Natalie in the car, make sure Noah is strapped in right, and we're off to start our day.

We stop at the bank. I have to deposit cash so I don't want to use the ATM.

I ask the teller for a deposit slip. As I'm waiting to finish the transaction, I reach for my Starbucks but it's not in the cup holder. Well, shoot - I left it on the counter. Oh - wait - no... I put it on top of the car to strap Natalie in and I bet that's where I left it. I slowly open the sunroof cover to see my Starbucks cup laying on it's side with my mocha getting ready to run down the front window. I bet the teller can see it and now I'm so embarrassed!!

It's only 930 and I have SEVERE "mom brain". I have got to get it together!!!