Tuesday, February 10


I, for some dumb reason, thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the mall today to buy them some new clothes.

Noah likes getting new clothes and doesn't mind trying them on. The problems start when he doesn't want to take them off. I explain to him that he can't wear shorts and t-shirts because it's too cold. He starts freaking out. I ignore it and eventually we move on.

This is especially stressful to me when we are so close to Natalie's nap time.

We gather the clothes we are have picked out, pay and leave the mall.

I am at my maximum stress level and Noah asks if he can listen to his "Wheels on the Bus" song... um, no.


(whining) "Why? I want to listen to the Wheels on the Bus song."

"No, Noah."

(whining and beginning to yell) "I WANT to listen to my song!!"

"I said no."


What I want to say at this point, but know I can't..."Because you're talking ugly and you're pissing me off!!"

So instead I say, "No, Noah. Because you're talking ugly and you're giving me a headache."

"Sorry, mom. You give me a headache, too."

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Really?!?!

Forget it...

I don't turn the music on and it becomes quite clear we are riding quietly. I don't have to explain this to him. I think he senses the stress!!!

About 15 minutes later Natalie starts babbling. Noah turns to her and says, "Be quiet, Natalie. We are riding quiet."

Well...I'm glad we are all finally on the same page :)

All is well and life is normal again after naps - thank god!!