Tuesday, February 2

How many hands does it take

Yesterday, in nearly one consecutive sentence, Noah asked me for waffles, a glass of milk, a vitamin, his goggles, and his stuff for swim lessons. Natalie needed a diaper and a glass of milk, too. Apparently I can't work fast enough for Noah. When I told him to make up his mind about what he wanted and to be patient, he stormed off into the dining room and said, "You have 2 hands - don't you know that?!?!?!" Because saying it once didn't get his point across, he said it 3 more times before I finally blew up, yelled at him and called Dave.

By the look on Noah's face when I gave him the phone, he thought it was perfectly normal to say that to me and that I'm crazier than a loon for thinking a call to Dave was necessary.

Yeah - Monday...looking forward to the rest of my week - thanks!!