Wednesday, September 2


I saw a ring about 2 years ago and wanted to add it to my wedding ring. I've asked Dave for it every chance I had. For our 5 year anniversary, Dave bought the ring for me. We are adding to the one I have so we have been spending a lot of time at Norris Jewelers. They have to design the ring I want to fit around the ring I already have. We've been there a lot - going over all our options and making sure we are on the right track and agree with what I want the ring to look like. They give the kids a pack of fruit snacks when we are in there and since we've been in there so much the kids have started calling it "the fruit snack store".

Tonight, Natalie was playing in her kitchen and found a ring toy of some sort that fit around her ear. She put it over her ear, walked over to me and said, "Ring. Pretty."

I said, "Is that your earrings like mommy wears?"

She said, "Uh-huh. Fruit snack store."

Well, at least the girl knows where to get good diamond.