Tuesday, January 29


Why do I continue to feed my kids blueberry's? I don't let Noah eat them anymore. He can eat a blueberry muffin or blueberry pancake but to eat blueberry's straight out of the fresh fruit container, not so much. I've learned my lesson - the hard way. You would think that since I learned my lesson with Noah, I'd shy away from blueberry's with Natalie but no... I'm guess I'm just a risk taker that way (ugh!!)

I fed Natalie some pear blueberry granola baby food the other day. She loved it as I figured she would. All babies love fruit; they hate the other stuff like veggies and meat. Not even 10 minutes after finishing her delicious pear blueberry lunch, she is sitting in her highchair and I hear her begin to grunt. No big deal - it's normal; she's running right on schedule - so to speak :) When she's finished, I can smell her on the other side of the kitchen. :( I am cooking dinner so I figure I'll give her a minute just to be sure she's done while I finish cutting the onions and putting the beef tips in the pan.

I carry her, a diaper and the wipes into the living room to change her diaper. As I lay her down and pull her pants off, I see that it is down her legs where the pants have smeared it on their way off. It is all over her onesie and I am at a complete loss. I didn't expect this!! Dave is at work and I am no where near prepared for this mess. Little Noah is sitting on the couch watching Blue's Clues. I look around, frantically - I don't know why. It's not like the kids toys can save me from this disaster!

I need the scissors. Of course we keep them out of Noah's reach so I can't ask him to be the helpful big brother he is so good at being. What am I gonna do? I can't pick her up because I'll get it all over me and that will make me throw up and make a bigger mess. I can't leave her lay there while I get the scissors - she'll roll over and get it on the carpet. Dinner is cooking and at this point, I'm not even sure how that will turn out. She is distracted by the TV so I make a run for it and grab the scissors.

As I run back into the room (I know, you're not supposed to run with scissors in your hand but hey, I'm almost 30 and I'm desperate to keep it off the carpet), she starts to roll. The next few seconds played out in slow motion as if in a Hollywood movie. I yell, "NO!!" She stops but only for a brief moment. She can't see me on her back so now she must roll over to see me since she hears me. I yell again, "NO!!! Natalie, no rolling!!" Again, I don't know why I do this. It's not like she understands what I'm saying and she is on a one track mind - "see mom".

Just as her leg is about to hoist her all the way over and make this disaster worse, I slide safely into position and stop her. It was sort of like a close play in baseball. She laughed and scrunched her nose as if laughing to herself at this fun game she is playing with me. Noah never missed a beat; he just kept watching Blue's Clues!

I cut the onesie off, pull the diaper open and use nearly all the wipes just trying to get the diaper off. Luckily I didn't run out; the wipes are in the basement and I'm positive she would have rolled before I got back upstairs.

I get everything cleaned up and she gets a new outfit on and we continue our day. I wearily check the meat that has been cooking for what seems like way too long... yep, that's what I was afraid of! Because of the grease from the meat, the juice from the onions, the meat not being stirred and "monitored", the meat has been "boiled" and has cooked past done so we are having beef jerky and noodles for dinner. Yum - sorry 'bout it, Dave :)