Thursday, January 3

Easter Sunday

I'm 28 months pregnant (yes, I meant months) and I can't remember a darn thing to save my life. We are going to church to see Mallory get baptized. We aren't used to leaving so early in the morning and we don't really know where we are going. We are all supposed to meet at mom and dad's and we are running late. I can't function without Starbucks so we have to stop which is only making us later. In our rush out the door, I forget to refills the wipes container in the diaper bag. I call Sammie's house to have them bring a few extra for me in case I need them. The conversation goes something like this:

A very groggy Braden says, "Hello." (that's strange - we're supposed to be at church in 30 minutes)
"Braden. What number did I dial? Did I call your house? Are you guys still home?"
"Good. Hey, I forgot wipes for Noah. Can you have Sammie bring me some?"
"Yea. Sure."

About 15 minutes later Sammie calls me. The conversation goes something like this:

***she tells me what she wants***
"Did Braden tell you I called?"
"Huh? You called?"
"Yes - good thing you called me. I asked him to have you bring me some extra wipes. I forgot to bring some for Noah."
"When did you call?"
"About 15 minutes ago."

I hear Sammie ask Braden if I called.

"Braden didn't talk to you."
"Yes he did. I woke him up. Maybe he doesn't remember."
"He's been up for a while. You didn't wake him."
"What number did you dial?"
"I called the house."
"We disconnected our house phone."
"Really?! When?"
"A few months ago."

I wonder what that man must have thought being woken from his sleep to hear some crazy lady talking about extra wipes. With as tired as that man sounded, he probably doesn't even remember.