Wednesday, January 2


Natalie is teething and it sucks!!! If Noah had teethed at all, he would be an only child :) She now has 3 teeth on the bottom and her first top tooth broke through the gum Monday. Top tooth number 2 has started trying to break through the gum on Sunday. The poor child is miserable which is making me miserable which, in turn, is making Noah miserable. Her nose is so stuffy and drippy - yuck!!

Noah slept until 830 this morning. Good for me 'cause I slept in but he woke up with a stuffy nose and I can hear him breathing a little funny like his lungs just aren't functioning to their full capacity. Ugh!!

Mom and dad left for Houston on Sunday and now both my kids are sick. It's a sign - you need to come home!!! My kids are miserable without you :)

Happy New Year - I hope all of 2008 goes better than the first 2 days of 2008.