Wednesday, January 9


We joined the local YMCA. Well, sort of local - it's 25 minutes away but worth every minute of the drive. They will watch the kids for up to 2 hours so I can have some time to myself. I have decided to work out and get in shape. The kids will get a much deserved break from me and I will get my mom body back into pre-mom condition. I'm content with my size but feel things are just a little to flabby since having 2 kids.

I went to the cardio center to see what they could tell me about the best way to get in shape. I don't exercise and haven't had any real physical fitness since playing volleyball in 9th grade - 15 years ago. I was the bench warmer so I suppose that doesn't really count :) I told the nice lady at the cardio counter I wanted to get in shape. I don't want to change my eating habits and I don't weigh myself. She seemed as though my thought process was a fairly normal and kindly explained my options for getting my "core a little tighter" (whatever that means!? :) ) without giving up food and stepping on a scale. Elliptical and pilates... got it!! Now comes the execution of my plan.

Today was our first trial run. Drop the kids off at "child watch" and spend 45-60 minutes by myself exploring the Y to really figure out where everything is. This is first day as a member and I'm not quite sure where everything is. My plan is to pick up Noah and have time just me and him. Pick up Natalie and then head home for a family nap.

I went to get Noah from child watch so he and I could play basketball or whatever he wants to do just me and him, but when I went to pick him up, Natalie started crying. I gave in to the guilt!! She came with us to the family play area where Noah could play with life size blocks. I sat on the sidelines wishing to play with him. He doesn't really know any different so he's not as disappointed as I am. Now, family nap is really the kids nap but it's time to myself so things, overall, went well. Maybe tomorrow Natalie will let me play, too.