Monday, April 14

I'm an idiot...

There is a local website for moms that you can search for local playgroups, discount coupons, general message boards with info and ideas about raising kids. I don't get on it very often but I decided to look at it this morning to see if there's anything going on today that Noah would enjoy.

I see a message board posting that someone is giving away 2 tickets to Sesame St Live. They will post something sometime between 9 and 10 and the first 5 responses to the post will win tickets. It's not something that I'd bother buying tickets to but if I can win free tickets, I'll take Noah. I know he'll enjoy it because of Elmo.

I stick him in from of the TV a few minutes before 9 and put Natalie is her high chair with a handful of puffs. I've logged into the site so I can reply as soon as it's posted and wait - refreshing the page every few seconds to see if the post has been written. I do this for a little over an hour. Noah has watched 3 sets of cartoons and I feel bad but I know he'll really enjoy the Sesame St thing.

Finally at 5 after 10, I'm aggravated. If you say you're going to post between 9 and 10 to give something away - follow through and post between 9 and 10. Five after 10, I refresh one last time and am ready to post a nasty-gram to the lady when I realize that give away post will be between 9 and 10 tonight.

I'm such an idiot!!!