Saturday, April 12

No Boys Allowed / No Girls Allowed

Stacy, Kate, Stephanie and I get together for girl's night once a week. It's our opportunity to hang out - no kids, no guys. Just us girls - goof off, drink and talk about whatever we want. No parental advisory needed because there's no kids and no editing for male gender presence. We usually end up at Chili's but there are sometimes when we end up going over to Kate's. Because her and Ben are roommates, sometimes Ben is there for girl's night. He tends to hide out away from us. He's learned :) When we go over there, Dave asks, "How come I can't do girl's night? Ben gets to."

This past Thursday, Dave was out of town for work. We decided that since I couldn't leave the house because of the kids, we would do girl's night at my house. Just as girl's night was getting into the full swing of things and the kids were in bed, Dave got home. He finally got to experience girl's night. We all sat on the back deck, drank a few beers and talked - girl's night talk.

The next day, I asked Dave, "What did you think of girl's night?"

He replied, "It's definitely for girls."

No boys allowed!!
Noah and Dave make tents and forts using the couch or various pieces of furniture. Once it's all done and they are hanging out inside, Dave tells Noah, "No girls allowed!"

I say, "Noah, can I come in?"

He's finally learned, over time, to say, "No - no girls allowed!"

We went to park on Tuesday and there is a little area where you can crawl under the slide and hang out in a "semi-cave like" area. Noah crawled in and was hanging out with the other kids that were already in there. Suddenly I see Noah look across at the other kids in the cave and say, "No girls allowed!" When they didn't leave, he said it again. I told him to be nice and he leans out to tell me, "No girls allowed!" I explained to him that the girls were allowed to play in there and if he couldn't be nice, we'd have to leave.

He hopped out of the cave and ran off to play somewhere else - without girls.

No girls allowed!!