Friday, April 25

Round And Round

Noah hasn't been sleeping well lately which means he's extremely sensitive and in trouble alot. Mom is in town this week and I've been wanting fettuccine so me, mom and the kids go to Olive Garden for lunch. Noah won't listen or sit still in his seat. And the following conversation begins:

ME: "Noah, sit on your butt!! You and I are going to go round and round today if you don't start listening."

NOAH: "Round and round?"

ME: "Yes, Noah, round and round."

A very excited and bright eyed NOAH: "Okay."

ME: "Okay? You want to go round and round with me?"

Again, excited and bright eyed NOAH: "Yes!! Come on grama. Let's go round and round."

GRAMA: "Round and round?"

Excited NOAH: "Yea!! Come on - grama, mommy, Noah and Natalie. We'll go round and round!! Come on - let's go!!"

Just forget it... Not quite what I was going for :)

Today is mom's last day in town. Noah has eaten 2 Eggo waffles and drank 6 ounces of milk before we meet up with mom and Kate for lunch and shopping. Noah eats 2 small quesadillas from Chipotle. He has eaten all this over the course of 4 hours. As we're walking out of the mall, Noah says, "I'm hungry! I gotta eat!"

Mom asks, "Hungry!? We just ate. Doesn't your mom ever feed you?"

In a very dramatic fashion, he replies, "No!" followed by a heavy sigh.

Natalie is sick. I took her to the doctor this afternoon. She's had a runny nose and cough for almost a week. At first we thought it was just teething. After a few days, we thought - not teething, allergies. A few days later and we start to think maybe she's sick. We're headed into the weekend - why wait? I'm concerned about her breathing when she coughs so I drag the kids to the doctor for a VERY last minute appt. I call at 3:20 and the receptionist says, "Can you be here by 345?"

I may be a liar but I'm not stupid. If I say no, she'll tell me to come in tomorrow morning. Yeah right - I live 20 minutes away, I'm not in the car and the kids are asleep upstairs. "Yes, of course I'll be there in 25 minutes. It'll be close but I'll be there."

We were only 7 minutes late. I think they sort of expected me to be late because the nurse hasn't even pulled Natalie's chart.

After a mad dash down to the dr, she says Natalie's lungs sound good and clean.

Oh, okay, thanks, I guess. Not really what I was looking for given the effort it took to get here but alright. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's only a cold but come on - I made it here with such valiant effort, give me something.

Then, I hear it - "Natalie has an ear infection in her right ear. Make sure she gets lots of dairy during the antibiotic. It's been known to cause diarrhea in kids." GREAT - I'm cleaning up mucus filled vomit from all the drainage she has and now I get to deal with diarrhea, too. Thanks! YIPPY!!

Well at least it's something. I'm actually quite surprised - I didn't see that one coming. I showed up thinking bronchitis and I hear "ear infection".

Well, at least I didn't waste my $20 co-pay on nothing. Since Natalie has shown me no signs of an ear infection, I suppose it's better this way. At least I know she's manageable during an ear infection.

Everybody wins - the dr gets her $20 off me, I hear Natalie really does have something wrong with her (even though it's not what I expected), and Natalie gets an antibiotic for her ears. Noah has done so good sitting quietly that I've told him I'll stop at Kroger to buy him a balloon. See - everybody wins!!

Side note: I forgot the balloon but Noah forgot about it, too. He was too concerned about the car wash being broken when we went to get the car cleaned. He actually started to cry because we couldn't go into the car wash. I told him that we try again tomorrow. I'm hoping he forgets that part, too. :-/

As we leave the house to go shopping, Noah asks where we are going. I tell him we're going to pick up grama from Kate's and then we're going to the mall to get him some Crocs. He asks if we're going to the Santa Mall.

"Yes, Noah. We're going to the Santa Mall but Santa isn't at the mall anymore. He's at his house at the North Pole."

"Oh - Santa fixed my bike."

"That's right. Santa made you a bike and brought it to you."

"Yeah - Santa fixed my bike from Wal-Mart."

Shoot - think, think, think - Noah remembers riding his bike around Wal-Mart so we could figure out what size to buy him. Shoot - think, think, think - that was the beginning of December and we left Wal-Mart without it. I can't believe he remembers that!!

"No, Santa made your bike at his house."

Conversation ends - he has moved onto something else before anything else comes up about his bike from Wal-Mart that Santa bought for him.

I think I'm screwed on him forgetting about the car wash and the balloon. I guess I'm going to get my car cleaned tomorrow and buy a "big white balloon".