Monday, April 28

Noah, how old are you?

We're driving down the road a few months ago and Noah sees a big brick building and asks what it is. I tell him, "It's a retirement home. That's where the old people live."

He says, "Oh! That's where daddy lives."

Too funny - where did he learn that? I didn't tell him that and the fact that he associates Dave as "old". Too much!!

About 2 weeks ago, Noah wanted me to ask him how old he was:

"Noah, how old are you?"

"Um, I'm 2 1/2."

"Noah, how old is mommy?"

"Um, she's 30."

"Noah, how old is daddy?"

"Um, he's old."

Again, where on earth did he come up with that answer. He knows I'm 30 because one day he asked me how old I was so I told him. Where did he get the answer that Dave is old? He's so smart that I'm guessing he overheard someone giving Dave a hard time about his age and "being old" so Noah now thinks Dave is "old".